The Game

Agropolitan is developing a learning game to be used to teach principles of agricultural business management. While participating the game students do the decisions that actual farmers do. Students will be asked questions that measure their learning and they have to give motivations for decisions they have made. Content can be localized anywhere. It can be also adjusted to meet various level of educational needs regarding students level of education.

At start students will be provided basic information about their farm like soil and geography. Based on given information students shall make decisions what they produce. For every chosen plant they are required to show a realistic plan who they will farm it. First they make decisions related to planting, how much they use seeds and fertilizers? During growing period they learn practises concerning herbicides, pesticides and irrigation.

In combination of made decisions, given soil information and randomly selected actual local weather data the system will give them realistic view of possible yield they have to harvest. After harvesting students get familiar to marketing questions. The get familiar with the whole picture, students will play couple of seasons.


Why Agropolitan?

  • Practical point of view motivates students
  • System can be adjusted to meet needs of students on various levels
  • Can be localized basically anywhere
  • Modern system, does not require student to have high speed connections or cutting edge devices
  • Can save up to 90 % on teaching costs



Demo version is out soon! If you are interested to know more about the game and test the demo, contact us.



We are looking people for implementation to many countries. If you have good knowledge in agricultural education and actual farming in your country, you might be one the persons we are looking for.



M.Sc Kalle S. Norri
+358 400 400 911